General Questions

Who can register?
Anyone is welcome to register- This an open international competition.

How many people are allowed per team?
A maximum of six people are allowed per team.

How many projects can be submitted per team?
One project per team. Teams who wish to submit multiple designs can register their team multiple times.

How do I submit my work?
Submit your entry by using the upload link in your registration confirmation email.

How do I register for the competition?
You can register by paying the registration fee, once the payment is confirmed it will automatically take you to information page where you enter your information.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Online Payments, Paypal and credit cards, wire transfer (Europe and US) and if none of the before is suitable please get in touch with us on the email

Can we submit printed boards?
No, all submissions must be in digital format as outlined in the competition brief.

Is there a specific program requirement?
Yes, there the competition program can be found in the competition brief.

What is the height requirement?
There is no specific height requirement.

Is it possible to do underground floors?
Yes, There are no design restrictions.

Should I design a temporary structure or permanent building?
Your design should be a permanent structure.

Can I share my project on social media before the announcement of the winners?
Projects may NOT be shared before the announcement of the Winners.

Can a name or a company logo be included on a board or DOC document?
Submission materials should NOT include any company logo or identification, boards with any identification on it will be disqualified without notification.

Should I use metric or imperial units if my I need to show dimensions?
Either metric or imperial units may be used.

Is there a specific site for my project?
There is  a specific site that can be downloaded using the links in the download section.

Should I use Manual, freehand or digital presentation?
There are no restrictions regarding presentations as long as the team is submitting a digital copy satisfying the requirements specified in the brief.

How can I remove/add team members from my registration?
Just send us an email to with the names to add/remove, and we will take care of it.

Where can I find my link to upload my project and my code?
Once you finish your registration, you will receive an email with the registration code and upload link.

I’m having a problem with the cad files provided. The files can’t open because they were saved in a newer version of Autocad than the one I have. Can you provide me with the files saved in an earlier version so that I can open them easily?
We have two versions of the file now, one in 2020 and one in 2013.

I have registered through Western Union but didn’t receive a registration code yet, how come?
We will not be able to know if you registered through Western Union until you send us your payment receipt and the MTC code.

I’m not able to open/download the pdf of registration instructions given through the link via the confirmation email. While loading, the link breaks and after a few tries, the link expires. How can I fix this?
Email us and we will send you a registration form to fill out. 

I paid last year’s fee but missed the deadline for submission of my graduation project. Do I need to pay the fee again to register this year?
If you registered last year, you are unable to register again this year, even if you didn’t submit your project.  

I finalized my registration for the competition, but I did not receive any confirmation mail. Do my team and I have a participation code or are there further instructions to proceed further?
Yes, check your spam folder. Sometimes our emails go to spam folders. 

My team has two members – does that mean we need two registration codes?
No, each team only needs to register once.

I live in a country where there are restrictions on bank transactions and Western Union (Iran, Sudan, etc); do you have a solution for registration? 
A friend or a relative living somewhere else can make a Western Union payment for you, this is the most common option.  

​I have received two different emails with two different registration codes, which one do I use?
Email us and let us know. It will be solved case by case. 

2020 Competition Questions

Is it possible to modify the circulation along the river bank, like removing the car road?

What is the exact depth of the Nile River?
Average depth of the Nile is 9.5 metres.

Can the project narrative have diagrams or illustrations clarifying the design concept or just the text narrative as stated in the competition brief? 
It is up to you

What are the levels regarding the bay area and the Nile and the parks on both sides? 
Please check the section drawing in the information package.

What is the maximum build up area of any architectural addition or kiosk on the bridge or on both sides of the Nile? 
There is no maximum build up area.

About the proposed site boundary, should we follow the exact boundary or is it flexible?
Proposed site boundary is the minimum, but it is allowed to incorporate larger areas into the competition site. 

What is the level of the streets and the pedestrian passage next to the Nile (on both banks) as there are different levels between them as shown in the images and google map as well?
Please check the section drawing in the information package.

Can I change the design of Al-Masalah Garden to use it as the landing area for the bridge or do I have to minimise the work there?
We are asking participants to provide bridge landing and accessibility in the Masalah park. If the designer wants to expand the scope of work in the Masalah park it is allowed. 

There are some differences between the CAD file and the images from Google Maps (for example, there is a street shown on Google Maps between Al-Masalah Garden and Al Jazeera Mosque), shall I update this in the CAD file or ignore it?
You can do.

We would like for our project to engage with passersby on both river banks and for it to be visible from the street level. To achieve the intended integration between the bridge and its context, we want to use the same levels as Kasr El-Nile Bridge with the same river headroom which is lower than the 13 meters. Would this be accepted?
Please note the technical limitations were given to us by local and maritime navigation authorities in Cairo. 13 metres is the height for the navigable span of the bridge.
Is it possible to shift the location of the proposed pedestrian bridge in our submission to below 6th October bridge while preserving direct access to the required start and end points and the public space on the east bank of the Nile?
As long as you keep the start and end points, it should be fine. Just note, the living bridge is heavier than a normal pedestrian bridge, you need to be careful the added loads (new bridge) on the 6th October bridge doesn’t comprise the structure.
It is stated that there is 13m minimum Bridge’s headroom over river traffic, is this mandatory for the whole span of the bridge or only the middle navigable span which can be the 100 m of the bridge?
It is mandatory over the navigable span.
Would the bridge over the nile need a ramp/stairs in order to achieve the minimum headroom over the river (13 metres)? Or is the bridge’s level the same as the street level?
That information is not fixed as the water level may change, but you can roughly tell by checking the distance from the bottom of the bridge to the street (7.2 metres) and to the water level (12.5 metres) (roughly).
So it is around 5.3 at least and more when the water levels are higher. Furthermore, there is a section provided with all heights — it is in folder 1 (site). 
Do you happen to have Cairo’s plan in DWG or maybe direct me to a source where I can get it from?
They are in the information package in the brief.

Please specify how much land area will be worked on other than the bridge? Is the land from the Egyptian Museum and the land on the island of Zamalek with us in the design or are we satisfied with the design of the bridge only?
Please check page 14 of the brief. 
Do you have a cross section for the Nile River at the location of the new bridge, because in the 3d file I couldn’t find any information for altitudes?
We provided a section with all heights and dimensions.  It is an image not in the cad file. 
Are the plant room, maintenance and storage supposed to be on the bridge itself, or can it be placed on the east bank public space (point A)?
It would make sense to be on the bridge unless you have another practical idea. 
Regarding the street in the public space, can we remove this and use it as a public space?
Is there a maximum height of any structure we are going to design?

Can we change the proposed design programme to enhance the design performance?

Can we demolish part of the fence or some facilities beside the ancient Egyptian Museum to connect the new design with the old museum?